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Moved by the basic idea that simply by sharing our lives and experiences with persons displaced by conflict and instability, we might be able to have a huge impact in helping them to find a new path. The Colossus Project was formed in 2023 by two neighbors that identified an urgent need and were moved to action. Encouraged by family, friends, community members and even strangers , the outpouring of support has set The Colossus Project on a path to success and has allowed us to welcome our first family from the Ukraine.

Lois Caldrello
Director, Co-Founder

The Colossus Project was founded with a clear vision, to create an organization that brings people and cultures together to recognize shared values and strive for a better world.  Lois has worked relentlessly to collaborate with likeminded volunteers who believe that together we can make a difference in others lives.

Kerry Auld


Having spent almost half of her life abroad and immersed in other cultures, Kerry remains firm in her belief that the United States is truly a land of opportunity and The Colossus Project can help displaced people realize a safer more stable life in the melting pot that is the United States.

Jill Hartenstein
Community Outreach

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