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Starting a new life in the USA


At what point did you decide to leave your home and why?

When there was an explosion not too far from our home we realized we must act to save the future of our children and we felt that at this moment in our country the situation was impossible. All the news was about war and death and this really affected our mental health and understanding of the world.

How did you find your host family?

We found the family that has helped us through the special program called Unite for Ukraine and I am extremely happy we got so lucky.

What has the experience of living in a new country/with a host family been like?

We didn’t have any difficulties in the new home and with the new family everything is good. Everything happened like a dream and the host family is extremely hospitable and very generous. We are so thankful to them.

What is most challenging?

For us, as parents, the most important thing was if our kids would like their new country, new school and new friends and how they would adapt and how that might affect their health. I have to say honestly our kids adapted to their new circumstances faster than we had thought they would. They have great friends with the family and many friends at their school. They have found their hobbies and are very happy going to school and very happy to experience new emotions. I think for the parents it is pure happiness that everything happened so smoothly.

What, if anything, has surprised you about your new circumstances?

We were surprised by the generosity of people and the host family and people helping us and not asking for anything in return. I was also surprised with how people celebrate holidays here because in my country they celebrate differently.

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