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Building Bridges of Hope: Transforming Futures with The Colossus Project

Unite for Ukraine

The Colossus Project stands as a beacon of hope for Ukrainian recipients who have found refuge in the United States through the Humanitarian Parole program. Through financial assistance, sponsorship opportunities, and community awareness efforts, the organization aspires to transform lives and empower individuals to build a prosperous future.

We Are


The Colossus Project was born from the compassionate hearts of a group of like-minded individuals deeply moved by the plight of the Ukrainian people.  Witnessing their struggles and resilience, the founders envisioned a platform that would extend a helping hand and empower these individuals to build fulfilling lives in their adopted homeland.

Ukraine to the USA

Our First Family

From a village in the Carpathian Mountains located in Western Ukraine to a new life in America.   Through Welcome.Us, they began speaking to potential sponsors in the United States.


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